CPC in Phoenix, AZ Looking for Full Time Job, 4.5 years experience


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**Stephanie Garrison CPC w/AAPC
To become the absolute best certified coder I can be, which I know I am, but there is always room for improvement and learning.
HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA*|May 2006*|*Red Mountain HIgh School, Mesa Arizona
Major: n/a
Minor: n/a
Related coursework: computer classes which have helped me exceed employers expectations
Skills & Abilities
I currently don’t have a medical billing and coding management title, which I am fine with, but I am in charge of training new billers and coders on how the EMD’s system works regarding billing and coding.
I feel communication plays a huge role in any job, whether it’s a person working in fast food, or a CEO of a company.
I do have some leaderships skills at my current job that I am proud of – I train the new billers and coders how the EMD’s system works when billing and coding services.
Certified medical biller and coder (cpc)*|*Good health financial*|*2/2014 thru current
My main priority is to code the visits the doctor’s have signed off. I have one year of coding home health. I am in charge of training billers and coders how our EMR system works which is called EMD’s. I have come a long ways when training new folks as I have never done this in the past. I take pride in what I do for a living. I just feels it’s time for a change in scenery.