CPC looking for coding position in KY (preferably)

Saint Petersburg, FL
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My name is Alisha Wilson, I am CPC certified. I have 1 1/2 years of coding experience. My strongest is actually in ICD-9 coding, I can even code by HCC. I am currently looking for a position that I can continue to grow in as a professional coder. I am willing to work remote but I prefer to work from the job location itself (office, clinic, hospital).
I have experience with Microsoft office, such as Word and Excel. I have done various Excel spreadsheets for my current employer.
I am a strong willed person, who is very devoted to my job, I admit when I am wrong, I take critism constructively and use it as motivation to do better and improve. I do not have any specialities that I code for (ER, Pain, Inpt, Otpt, etc) I tend to do a varity.

If this little summary has interested you, and you feel I could possibly be a fit for the position you have at your company please email me at ely040507@yahoo.com, and I shall email you my full resume.

Thank you,
Alisha Wilson, CPC