CPC seeking employment in West Tennessee


Portland, OR
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Hello! I am a CPC seeking employment in West Tennessee. I have 3 years of coding/supervisor experience and 4 years in the medical field. I have recently moved from Memphis to McKenzie so I am in need of a new position. I can do anything from front desk data entry to medical coding (hospital or physician office). I would prefer work in any of the following cities: Jackson, Milan, Martin, Union City, Dresden, Gleason, McKenzie, Paris, Huntingdon, Henry, Trezevant, Atwood, Greenfield, Camden, or Fulton (KY). If you would like to review my resume please send me an email. My email is veggiecow@yahoo.com. Thank You!
Also, if anyone knows of any companies in the above cities that are hiring, please email me as well. Thanks again!
Oh, one more thing: I can also work remotely from Paducah, KY, Memphis, TN, or Nashville, TN and commute in once a week or so for meetings and/or to drop off and pick up work.
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