CPt code for lap release of sbo?


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I am not really sure what the dr. did the release the SBO. Any help with a cpt code would be appreciated.


A supraumbilical midline incision was made through the sking and subq tissue to the linea alba. The linea alba was grasped with Ochsners, elevated and incisied. The peritoneum was grasped with hemostats, elevated and incised. a hasson obturator was inserted in the abd cavity under direct visualization as well as 3 other ports. Lap exam revealed the patient had a segment of the ileum that was recently ecchycmotic and edematous. There was noevidence of ischemic phenomena to this. It appeared bounded. It had been trapped in an incarcerated internal hernia. The rlq of the abd had a 511 trocar. The camera was moved to this port and then lap visualization of the upper abd revealed the patient had an adhesive band of the omentum to the anterior abd wall.