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I need help coding the following:

1. Revision of previous L2 through S1 fusion with replacement of all pedicle screws.

2. Placement of bilateral pedicle screws at T11, T12, and L1 bilaterally with use of the Medtronic O-arm Image Guidance System.

3. Left-sided L1-L2 facetectomy with complete decompression of neural elements with skeletonization of the L1 and L2 nerve roots.

4. Annulotomy, discectomy and translumbar interbody fusion at the L1-L2 level with complete discectomy and placement of PEEK interbody graft filled with DBM and BMP. BMP was used to due to patient's smoking status and history of failed fusion.

5. Placement of lumbar and thoracic rods linked together with lateral connectors and locking end caps.

6. Posterolateral fusion with decortication of lateral processes and placement of autograft, allograft, DBM, and the remaining BMP for posterolateral fusion.

The diagnosis is Degenerative lumbar spine disease with progressive kyphosis above previous L2 through S1 fusion with degenerativechanges at the L1-2 disc space.

Any help is appreciated thank you for looking at it.