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Redding, CA
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I have the following op report, and I'm very new to this specialty, with very little guidance, so any help is greatly appreciated.

...his head was placed in Mayfield head holder and turned to the left exposing the right side of his head. Neuronavigation system was then registered. Once adequate registration was achieved, face mask was removed and his right head was shaved, prepped, and draped in a standard sterile fashion. Incision was marked out beginning anterior to his tragus and extending behind the hairline towards his forehead.....The temporalis was then opened in a parallel line of the incision and dissected anteriorly to expose the temporal bone. One bur hole was then placed over the low mid temporal region and one over the high anterior temporal region. The dura was carefully stripped. The B1 footplate was then used to create a craniotomy flap. The bone was passed off the field. Remaining bone over the anterior temporal fossa was removed with the Leksell. The dura was opened in a circular fashion exposing the anterior temporal lobe. Block resection of the anterior temporal lobe was then undertaken with the bipolar cautery and micro scissors. Tissue was also sent for frozen pathology, which was consistent with a grade 2 astrocytoma. I then obtained hemostasis with bipolar cautery. The wound was irrigated with copious amounts of lactated Ringer's and bacitracin. The dura was reapproximated with bipolar cautery and FloSeal. The bone flap returned and secured with titanium micro plates and screws. The temporalis was reapproximated with 0 Vicryl stitch in interrupted fashion. Galea was reapproximated with staples. Sterile dressing was applied.....

This is my first one of these, and when I looked for a code, I wasn't even sure where to start, so any help is great. Thanks!