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Where could I find a list of billing/coding credentials? Is there a website that will tell you which credentials are best, which are not useful, and which are letters only, they don't mean anything?:confused: :confused:
You're asking for a great deal!

Honestly, I used to keep a running tab of credentials and professional organizations. One thing you're asking for is subjectivity (e.g., the credentials that "don't mean anything"). They all have a meaning, but I get what you're saying.

Validity of these credentials is in the eye of the beholder--please keep that in mind. Much of the time I've found that people don't honor credentials that they, personally, do not hold. That's a bad policy. My RCC, for instance, is rare for coders outside freestanding Rad practices to have; yet, it is by far the most stringent on acceptable CEUs, one of the more challenging exams, and so on.

My point here is that the list I've compiled was 10 pages or so long when I couldn't keep up any longer. I'd be happy to pass this along.
Thanks. I realize that there aren't any credentials that don't mean anything (only degrees). The manager of the billing department received information about a seminar, and it wasn't anything that I was familiar with, so I wanted to do some investigating first.
Thanks again!
Alright. (I wasn't trying to be nosy! ;) ) Ha, ha!

Although I don't know them all, you could feel free to email me off this and I'll see if I or anyone on my staff has heard of them.

Also, sometimes just because a new organization hasn't been "tested" doesn't mean it lacks credibility. There's one long-time, well known organization that produces all kinds of certification camps, seminars and so on; you couldn't pay me to attend one of their sessions. Their reputation is totally overrated.

However, maybe I've heard of this new group. You can always do an internet search or just call and ask questions. I've found you can tell alot about an organization by who answers the phone!

Good luck.