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Good Morning! Please Help... I work for a gastroenterology practice and we have an endoscopy suite just for these procedures with all necessary equipment. (several rooms set-up for procedures & recovery) On occasion we have to discontinue procedures & the reimbursement is drastically reduced.

May questions are:
Any Feedback would be appreciated.
1.) We do Capsule Endoscopy 91110 and used the modifiers -52 or -53 on two occasions the procedure was unable to be completed. We were reimbursed less than the cost of pill itself. Was that the correct way to code the d/c'd procedure?

2) We use the same modifiers -52 or -53 when a colonoscopy or EGD it is necessary to discontinue the procedure(s). Can we use the modifiers -73 or -74 used for ASC/Hospital Outpatient & if not, what is the criteria we need to meet? Again this is a gastroenterology, endoscopy & research practice w/all the equipment and rooms for these procedures.

Thanks to all you for the ideas, assistance and knowledge shared!
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