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We have a question.........Is the perianal area considered under the female genital system? We are currently coding a biopsy of the perianal location. The path. read genital warts. We are not sure if we should code under the integ. of 11400 or the 11420 category. Maybe we are way off and this should go under the 56605. The physcian stated removed from vulva and perianal area. We have coded the vulvar one but are unsure of weather or not periana is considered genital or not. Here is the op note:

Genital warts about 1x1 cm in diameter x3 in perianal area.
.5mm wart at right labia majora.
1% lidocaine with epi is injected at and around the lesions. Lesions excised with #11 blade. Hemostasis is achieved with silver nitrate. One lesion at 6 o'clock position was bleeding more and was cauterised. Hemostasis achieved well. Patient tolerated the procedure well. Dressing is applied with triple antibiotic cream. 4 warts total are excised.

Your help and input is greatly appreciated!

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