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Hello to all,

I went to a seminar recently and they were saying that documenting diabetes manifestations were not suppose to be written on another line. Does any one
know about this? I could use some help as I have a physician teaching this week.

Thank You,

I am sorry but I do not understand the question. It does not manner how many lines are involved as long as the condition is documented as being diabetic, due to diabetes or with diabetes. Can you elaborate some?

That is all they kept on saying. That you are not suppose to state:
Diabetes with neurological manifestations
Diabetic peripheral polyneuropathy

Like that on two seperate lines.
I had never heard of that before and try
to verify by some other source and could
not find anyting?

Was just wondering if this was something
new that I was not aware of.

Thanks You for your reply,
the term Diabetic peripheral polyneuropathy all by itself gives you the 2 codes one for the 250.xx or 249.xx and one for the polyneuropathy. I am not sure why they would say this. ICD-10 CM though is only one code as the manifestation has been included with the diabetes codes. I wonder if perhaps this is what they wanted to communicate. But just to be clear there is no rule regarding how the physician documents the condition or how many or few lines it takes. Only that there be an indication that there is a complication which can be stated using the term diabetic, or due to diabetes or with diabetes.
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