DO oversight billing of a resident

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We have a DO that works for us. (PCP office)
She also is contracted by a local hospital as a consultant for their residency program.
The patients she sees are for another primary care office that is part of this residency program.
She is telling us to bill her hospital patients through my office that has nothing to do with her consulting position or the patients she is seeing.
Nothing about this seems right to me. Can anyone provide me insight? Is it even legal to bill for her services under a tax ID that is in no way associated with this agreement?
Links would be most beneficial, I have spent days on this.... :-(


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Only one entity can bill for any given professional service. If the hospital is billing, and then paying her for the service, then if she bills for that same service it would be a duplicate - i.e. 'double dipping'. It would really just be a question of finding out whether or not her agreement with the hospital compensates her for those patient visits or not.

As far as supervising residents - she cannot bill for that because the office is not the entity that is the teaching program, as I understand it. Her office it not bearing the costs of services performed in the hospital. Someone with more experience with the guidance for teaching programs could maybe address this better than I can.