Do you know a Coder?


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Do you know a coder that is looking for a new opportunity, part time, contract or consulting work?

Let them know that they can post their resume/profile with complete anonymity and for FREE on Employers view candidate profiles and contact them through private email while the coders contact name remains confidential. The coder determines if they respond to the employer or not. The exception is CPC-As. To encourage direct employer contact CPC-As have their contact info visible.

Current employers and unsolicited recruiters will not know who you are. Post once and wait for the perfect job. In the meantime CodersDirect is contacting employers nationwide and letting them know about your qualifications and criteria for employment.

Sit back, enjoy the holidays and let CodersDirect do your job search, all for FREE.

To register simply go to the homepage of and register in the "Coder" tab.

Any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

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