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I bill for a SNF and get notes for long term medical drug management, most of which are for Alzheimer's dementia and senile dementia. Is there a code to use for drug managment? 90863 appears to only be for psychologist. Appreciate any help/direction!


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I would use the Eva/Mgnt CPT code for SNF (CPT 99304 till 99318) for a physician MD, PA, or NP in which he or she adds his words medication review in patient's HPI for the day s treatment. Also the MAR (patient s meds) should be updated and listed too in record. Then add dx Z79.899 or see list in back of the ICD10 manual on type of exact medication patient uses. Then add dx Z51.81 review of meds or prescribe meds use dx Z76.00 both as secondary codes not primary. Add definitive dx Alzheimer or Dementia as first dx code. There are not a lot of CPT evaluation code for administering an oral medication but injection 96372 has a CPT .Also if patient forget to take meds or refuses to take meds let doctor note it in medical record then add dx Z91 see this dx block of codes.
Ahh yes CPT codes 90792,90863 99605 are CPT codes for assigning medication per the type of clinical provider MD, Psychiatrist, or Pharmacy. Really I 'd just use the codes listed for SNF of CPT 99304 till 99318 based on time, HPI and Medical decision making done.
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