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Conway, AR
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Does anyone know what diagnosis code to use for Hereditary non- polyposis colon cancer syndrome? We have a pt that has had genetic testing at another facility and the referring physician feels like the patient has a genetic predispostion to colon cancer and other cancers because of this. Thanks
Hello, I found an article that might help you. in your case V84.09

V84 Genetic susceptibility status
Genetic susceptibility indicates that a person has a gene that increases
the risk of that person developing the disease.
Codes from category V84, Genetic susceptibility to disease, should not
be used as principal or first-listed codes. If the patient has the condition to
which he/she is susceptible, and that condition is the reason for the encounter,
the code for the current condition should be sequenced first. If the patient
is being seen for follow-up after completed treatment for this condition, and
the condition no longer exists, a follow-up code should be sequenced first,
followed by the appropriate personal history and genetic susceptibility codes.
If the purpose of the encounter is genetic counseling associated with procreative
management, a code from subcategory V26.3, Genetic counseling and
testing, should be assigned as the first-listed code, followed by a code from
category V84.
Additional codes should be assigned for any applicable family or personal

hope it helps I know I learned something :)