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:mad: Bcz I critisized one paticular payor's Td's claim processing, they r auditing all our encounters??? is there anybody have a kind of experience??retaliation audit!!:eek: all our 99214 codes were down coded:eek:
Please help this scenario:
Pt c/c rashes. headache, pain in left ear, fever, chills and nausea & vomiting.
Note says; PFS taken. Pt had 379.91 on Nov.14,07 visit. Skin, head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, neck,chest,heart, lung, abdoman,rectum, pelvic genial extermiteis, lymph.n were checked. Diagnosed Herpes Zoster. Medication was prescribed. (FYI pt is 39 female no major surgery..PH )
MDM; new problem. need further work neded, & medication:
Detail Histy: & 10 systemd were examined.
Acturaly 3 out of 3 presents. However, payor rejected??
Could anyone give us help ??
FYI, just appealing these give us a good study but takes all our time:confused:
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