Question eCW - Posting Reversal of Payments


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Can somebody steer me in the right direction please?😧

So, I was originally trained that when an insurance company takes back money, I need to delete all charges and make sure claim balance is $0 because the insurance company is reprocessing the claim and wait until the next payment comes through to enter the correct charges. BUT doing this leads to a $0 balance for the claim (the claim should be the amount they're taking back)? So on this particular voucher I have, the bottom of the last page has this: PROV ADJ CODE1 & FCN/OTHER IDENTIFIER: FB:BF AMT: -47.33. I would keep the check as a negative $47.33 correct? I wouldn't want to make the check equal out to $0.00 because then I wouldn't be able to do a reversal? Idk if this even makes sense, it's hard to explain. ASAP answers would be wonderful 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 I was taught when I started that I cannot have any "red" numbers in the "unposted" column... but shouldn't I have unposted $ considering what is going on?
This is an old post i ran across. Recoupments are tricky. If your EHR has a recoupment account the funds might sit there or they can just sit on the check in you unallocated funds account. I would recommend leaving recoupments in unallocated accounts rather than on original reversed claim as it becomes more difficult to move around and/or re-allocate once you know what claim is being paid with the recoupment. My rule of thumb is do as little moving with the money as possible.

Some EHR’s allow you to “split” the check into another deposit slip so you can label or separate it as pending unallocated funds….so with recoupment its difficult what to suggest depending on your EHR. But leaving it in unallocated and explaining that to billing/accounting is my best suggestion.