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ED services by EM specialty code and OBS/ Admission by IM/EM specialty code


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Hi all,

Does any one know how does Medicare process claims for physicians who are dually boarded, for example, we have a physician that is an internal medicine and emergency medicine ( these are two different specialty codes on the taxonomy crosswalk) . The application submitted had the internal medicine as the primary specialty selected.
So if we submitted a claim for a in patient admission ( 99221-99223) he is practicing as an IM provider. How ever, there are situation in which the same patient was seeing in the ER by a physicians who is board certified in emergency medicine for ED.

My question: are we allowed to bill for both service ( ER visit and admission) ? I know for a fact that if these two physician would be practicing under the same specialty we should only bill the admission but in this case the admitting MD is practicing under IM .

I have to clarify that the IM/EM has admitting privileges but will Medicare consider the secondary specialty code selected or do they base everything on the primary specialty?

Thanks every one


True Blue
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Our Medicare carrier uses the primary specialty that is selected on the Medicare enrollment form in claims processing, and I believe that the CMS guidance is that all carriers should do this. In my experience, I have not had much luck with appeals in trying to persuade Medicare that a provider has other specialties that might apply to a claim situation. It's a situation you might want to discuss with your carrier's enrollment department to see if there are any options in the enrollment process that would allow multiple specialties to be designated?