Aynor, SC
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I would like to know the basic of EMR when it comes having a CPC in office. I have been told different things that first you do not need a CPC in office very concerned about my future here.:confused:
Your providers would be silly to let you go if they got an EMR system. I worked for an urgent care that had EMR and docs can still forget to post items that are billable. The system only knows what it is told, but before I sent a claim I would scan each chart and could tell if documentation was missing. Here is an example:
The doc stated sutures were done, but the note would be incomplete items missing would be were the sutures simple interupted, the number of sutures, what anesthetic did they use, how long or deep was the wound etc. These are all items needed for proper documentation. Just saying I sutured the wound is not sufficient. A good coder can work wonders with an EMR system it makes your job easier and the providers become better at documenting.
I could easily audit 50-75 charts in an hour before claims ever went out ensuring the documantation and the level the system chose were correct.
If your providers are basing all of their coding off of an EMR system, they are out of their minds! The EMR will NOT replace the CPC ever! I don't think CMS will ever use a computer for a chart audit. And as far as my experience with our EMR...it cannot code anything accurately. Remember, a computer is only as good as the information it is built with...and with all the rules and guidelines and changes we face every day - WE are the MVP's! :)
Deb/Memphis, Tn

I lost my job in January after I had put in 20 years total at a certain group because I was told they were replacing me with an EMR system. So I know what you mean. I took the CPC course last August and finished in Oct. I am gearing up to retake it in the next month or so. I have extensive experience in Orthopedics, Neuro, Plastic surgery and ENT. Any pointers for the 2008 exam out there. I am looking for work now hopefully as a Certified Coder. I would love to work at home if possible.

I also work in a Urgent Care center. We have a EMR but our Doctors do not trust it early. It gives a code of ear wax removal for vaginal bleeding. I dont think we will ever be replaced by the EMR either.