endoscopic assisted release of anterior and Lateral Compartment syndromes


Lake View, Alabama
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i have a report that states an Endoscopic assisted release of anterior and lateral compartment syndromes right and left leg

we statred on the first leg, we made a small incision 2 cm in length proximal over the anteriolateral compartment. shar dissectopm through the skin, blunt dissection through the subcutaneous tissue, meticulous hemostasis maintaine thouughout . the area of the deep fascia of the anteriolateral compartment was identified. we made a small incision in this area THEN USING OUR ENDOSCOPIC TOOLS, fisrt with a dialator underneath the fasciaentirly along the length of the fascial compartment and comfirmed that were no neurovascular structures in the area. once this was done, we then placed out endoscopic assisted bleed to release, placed our cameral and then under direct visulization released both the anterior and lateral compartments

i know the open code for this would be 27600 but should i use this since it states that the enoscope was used to help release once they got down to the fascia?