ENT Provider interpreting Audiograms/Tympanograms


Lancaster, WI
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Based on the new Errata and Technical Corrections- CPT 2023 dated March 1, 2023 providers can now count their own independent interpretation of test ordered for which there is a CPT code, and an interpretation or report that is customary. Based on this information our ENT provider is wondering if he can do his own independent interpretation of audiograms and tympanograms.

We have an audiologist in house that is contracted who performs these test and does their own impression in their own note. We bill for the technical fee for the test being performed in house, but a professional fee is never billed. Most often the orders are placed by family practice providers. According to the CPT guidelines it appears that the audiology tests encompass both the technical and the “professional” piece for the audiologist. For example; X-Rays are done by an X-Ray tech and then a professional fee is charged by the reading radiologist, therefore an independent interpretation would qualify. Or are audiograms/tympanograms similar to when labs are ordered and resulted as far as the data element.

Our question is: Can the ENT provider count the independent interpretation of the audiogram/tympanogram under the data element for the E&M office visit guidelines in relation to the above information given even with the audiologist giving their own impression in a audiology report.