Entry-level Coding position


Johnson City TN
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I have been a certified coder (CPC-A) for 3 years now. Haven't found any entry-level jobs in the Tri-Cities, Johnson City/Elizabethton area.

Any suggestions? Would appreciate any help with this.

Thank you

Beth Williams. CMA CPC-A
Are you working in the medical field at all? If not, get yourself a job in the medical field period. Be it a receptionist, unit secretary, etc. Just get your foot in the door and work your way up :)
Crittersitter is right. Finding a job in the medical field is the first step. Right now, I am still preparing to be certified, but I am already working in a billing practice posting payments & working in A/R. It helps a lot & give you more background in coding.

Hope you can find one. Good luck!