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I am having a problem understanding CPT code 93624, 'follow up to evaluate therapy'. Can it be done during the same session as an ablation or does the documentation need to state a different day or time?
Thanks for your help!
Yes, according to the Coder's desk reference:

Following administration of therapy (antiarhythmic drugs, surgery, ablation, etc), the physician places an appropriate aterial or venous sheath, usually femoral to allow access to the chamber to be studied.
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Thank you Cindi,

The reason I question this is that in my Medlearn Cardiac Rhythm Management Coder it states: Code 93624 is reserved for follow up studies performed at a separate session or subsequent day to test the effectiveness of chronic therapy. NCCI edits prohibit 93624 with any of the ablation codes when performed at the same session or same day.

My EP doc wants me to bill this code at the same time he does the ablation. It doesn't seem right to add a 59 modifier but it isn't getting paid unless we add it.

I just want to feel comfortable adding the code.