ER visit vs Inpatient Visit

Sandy M

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Does anyone know where I might find coding rules on Emergency vs Inpatient visits. My question is if a person comes in to the ER and has an xray for example but then is Inpatient. Do you bill this particular visit as ER or Inpatient? I would like to see something in writing explaining this.:confused:
If I am understanding you correctly you are asking if someone who is inpatient goes through the ER dept. to get an xray would you bill that as ER?

If this person is already inpatient, then no. There should be no revenue code with a 450 on the UB (unless ER then went inpatient). There can be of course a R320 or whatever radiology was done. By billing the ER then the xray while inpatient, you would be unbundling. Still hoping I am on the same page with you and understood you question!