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Weston, FL
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Fela Garcia Returns for followup after completing CyberKnife therapy for a PET positive right upper lobe lung nodule. Of note she has had a prior left upper lobe resection for lung carcinoma. She returns to the office with a 4 month followup PET/CT. The scan was reviewed and reveals a significant decrease in the size of the lesion from 0.8 down to 0.4 cm with a decreased SUV uptake consistent with an excellent clinical result thus far. She continues to followup with Dr.F of radiation oncology.

Clinically she looks well. Her lung fields are clear. She has no respiratory difficulties.

I have taken the liberty of Referring her back to Dr. A her medical oncologist for long-term followup. She can continue surgical followup with me as needed. The above plan was explained to the patient and her family. They are in agreement.

My Dr. billed 99214
What you think; or should I code it as 99212 or 99213.
Please advised
Thanks in advance