excessive daytime sleepiness


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Actually, Ugocodergirl, while I understand your submission of that particular code, the original question submitted does not give us the information to arrive at that diagnosis. This is the way I look at the question: We do not know if this is a specific disorder of sleep of "nonorganic origins" as stated by the category, furthermore, we do not know if it is a "transient" disorder that may be associated with acute or intermittent emotion reactions or conflicts, etc, etc. We just don't have enough info to assign the 307.43. Admittedly I chose the main term "Somnolence" (courtesy of Stedman's dictionary and resulting definition = Somnolence (1) an inclination to sleep) as a starting place and ICD-9 directs us to 780.09, 307.43 and 349.89. That's my rationale and In my NON-expert opinion would be inclined to go with 780.09.

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