Excision lesions guidelines

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Hello everyone!

I have a question about excision lesion. In the guidelines, it says that report separately each benign or malignant lesions excised. Now, how will you code the following question.

Q1 Excision with simple closure of 2.0cm diameter lesion, upper back, and 2.0 diameter lesion, left thigh. Pathology report reveals both were cystic lesions.
A11402 B11402,11402 C11404
My teacher said, that the correct answer for question 1 is C. Can somebody explain it that which answer is correct and why?.
Q2 A patient has a benign lesions on the back and thigh. The physician excises the lesion on the back making a 2CM incision and makes a 1.5CM incision to remove .8cm lesion on the thigh. A11402 B11402,11402-59 C11401,11402
Each lesion coded separately

Each lesion is coded separately. You do NOT add the diameters and report a larger size lesion. You would report for two separate lesions.

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC