Experienced ER Coder in OR Looking for Remote Coding


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Hi All,

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Procedural Coder with additional Certification as E/M Auditor Coder. I have over 25 years experience in the healthcare industry with 8 years of ER Outpatient Coding Experience (pro-fee). I have done very little facility side coding. Given the opportunity with a learning curve I am sure I would have no problem picking up the facility charges. I have recently been laid off from my current position working remotely. I am in search of remote coding opportunities. I am very organized, remain focused, work well under pressure, have the ability to meet production requirements, and have a lot of self discipline. My office is HIPAA compliant.
I have great problem solving skills, with the ability to code complex senarios without difficulty.
On request via email I will send you my resume, and look forward to learning of opportunities that your company may have available. I would consider local travel on occassion. I am also not opposed to contract coding opportunities. Although not listed on my resume I have experience as a Family Practice Coder, Neurology Coder, and Office Manager for a Neurology Clinic. The positions in Family Practice and Neurology were both over 14 years ago. Please contact me via email Andrschery@centurytel.net
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