Family Practice interested in adding a wellness clinic


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Good afternoon!

I'm currently researching opportunities to extend our services to include a wellness clinic. This clinic would be for wellness visits only and include things like bloodwork, weight management, prevention, etc. Do any of you have experience with adding this type of offering to your current family practice? I'm just looking for input from others who have been through this before and maybe some good pointers on types of services that seem to go over well and whether you are filing to insurance for reimbursement or strictly going private pay?

We're also looking into the option of adding house calls (not home health) to our services as well, but from what I can see from the initial research I've done, Medicare doesn't pay for house calls unless you can prove the patient was unable to come to the office, i.e. immobile, etc. Any information on billing insurance for house calls would be greatly appreciated.

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