Question Feeding Difficulty Dx P92 vs R63


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I am new to Neonatology coding and am trying to make sure I fully understand the use of P code past the 28 day period.
We have a baby that was born prematurely and has been in the NICU intubated and on enteral feeds -which were coded as P92._

I know some conditions can continue on through the life of the patient and that those would continue to be coded as P codes.
However, when I look up P92.9 in encoder, it states: feeding problems in child over 28 days old (R63.3)

I have also found guidance that states newborn codes may continue to be coded as such if the condition was noted as present during the first 28 days of life and if the condition remains present after 28 days.

What is the correct coding?
R63 on day 29 and forward?
P92 because the condition has been present throughout the life of the patient without any break in care?


Lithonia, GA
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HI Kristiking🙂
Understanding definitions of neonate is under 28 days, newborn is birth to 2 months and infant birth to 1 year old can be confusing. but it sounds like you should select dx.R63. However the ICD10 manual states can use F98.2, R62.51, R63.3 Feeding difficulties baby or P78.89 can be dx. options too per provider's documentation details. Also if infant's weight given check out dx P07 and P05 to add.
Well I hope helped you in this matter. Have a great day!
Lady T