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I work for an internist. We, where applicable, extend professional courtest for co-pays (fine and dandy, legalities understood). However, we do not give discounts to patients who are self pay. We have a set fee schedule for workers compensation and then one for the rest (insured/self-pay). Reason being, we are under the impression that a fee schedule is a fee schedule and we have to charge the same for each procedure no matter what.

My question arises from something that I heard. Of course you want to be able to help your patients out, however, it needs to be within our rights to provide such a benefit.

Sooo... if this is something you are able to do I'd like any information on where I can find it in writing and wha guidelines there are because I don't this would be some percentage you can just come up with. ANY ADVICE WOULD BE SO... HELPFUL! Thank you so so much!
its my understanding, and I dont know where to find this in writing, but you can discount up to the lowest contract adjustment, which is probably Medicare. (example: OV charge $100, Medicare allowable is $35.00. You can discount down to the $35.00.) The facility I work for gives a 60% discount for cash pay patients with full payment being due at the time of service. If payment is not received or payment arrangements are made, no discount is given thus the incentive for the patient to come up with the money to get the discount.

Hope this helps.