Finally! My first Coding Job-Internal Med-Gastroenterology


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Does anyone code Internal Medicine-gastroenterology? I am starting my first coding position next week and am wondering what the most common scenarios are. I will be coding inpatient rounds, liver transplants and endoscopies. What else can I expect? Any advice would be appreciated!
As far as advice, read, read. If your company has a policy manual start reading there, but don't stop. Know Medicare guidelines. For GI info (coding and more) checkout

Google is a place to stimulate your thoughts but it is often not a reliable source. Remember, CPT, ICD-9,LCDs, etc. change all the time but the web keeps everything!

Know medicare guidelines. Then find out what other payers guidelines are :)

For scopes, understand screening vs. diagnostic. This is huge because a screening has a waived deductible. Most payers will not pay for an E/M with a screening scope most of the time. (dealing with a risk issue like a pt on blood thinners is an exception) Understand the multiple endoscopy rules.

Inpatient is a different beast. Too much to go into in a post. Go on your Local Medicare carrier's website and print out the inpatient manual and read, highlight, write info into your books, etc.

Congratulations and good luck!

how did u get your position?

I am still looking for my first coding job. I am still a CPC-A. Nobody will touch me because I have no experience.
How did you get your job? Did you have connections? I have a strong interest in coding gastroenterology but would settle for any job in a medical facility right now.
I graduated from a diploma program and got my CPC last may and applied for every coding position I could find-and kept getting the same response as you- No experience, No job.
I started applying for any medical clerical position just to get my foot in the door, and ended up accepting a position in claims review/follow-up. Just having your CPC (even with the 'A') will go a long way in other areas even without experience. I didn't think I would like working denials, but it was interesting and what I learned there will help me be a better coder. I was in that position for a year before a coding position opened.
I think you are leaning in the right direction when you say you "would settle for any job in a medical facility right now"--just think 'long term' and get your foot in the door, you may enjoy other reimbursement areas more than you think.
Once you're in...hunt down the coding manager and introduce yourself!
Good Luck!