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I have had the hardest time finding a true coding position since earning my certification. I am CPC certified and have had a tough time finding an employer to give me the opportunity to show my knowledge. Most of my medical background has been limited to chiropractic, therapy & rehabilitation. 99.9% of employment ads require a minimum of at least a year in their specialty along with RHIT!!! It has been disappointing to say the least but because I LOVE medical coding, I will not give up. It's not like I have NO job but it's not the medical coding job that I truly desire. I'm currently a Business Office Manager in the Rehab industry....again and the pay is very nice along with spectacular benefits but I'm not really coding, per se.
Has others had this problem or is it just my luck? I know AAPC has the xternship thing for apprentice certifications however I do not qualify for xternship. Can anyone give me some insight as to how to get my foot in the door without working for minimum wage?
Give the CPC's a gain exp hire us!!!!

That statement is so true. I work as a payment poster and have a year exp. Just recently applied for a coding job, now I need 2 year exp and to be a CCS or a RHIT. Can someone give the CPC'S a break? I think just passing the CPC exam is enough experience.
Amen Sista....RHIT or RHIA is what is also being required. Two more years of college classes in order to obtain an AAS to achieve placement of testing for RHIT or RHIA!!!!!!!! Pllllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee give us a break and an opportunity!:confused:
You did not mention the city/state you are in, in hopes a fellow coder could help you. However, I believe you might be near my chapter. (richardson), from time to time we get medhunters, physicians, job consultants, private employers, etc asking us to notify our coders on job positions they are trying to fill. And yes, some are only asking for 1-3 yrs experience. I recently was contacted by an orthopedist who was looking for a CPC, and was willing to train them in this speciality, I sent out a mass email to my chapter along with job discription/qualifications, and I heard he had several replies. (there might not be many, but there are a few employers that are willing to give the newly certified/1,2,3yr coder a break) I have noticed some employers dont advertise, due to the mass responses, but instead coders hear about it via word of mouth. Or in-house posting. Remember, some employers might require a coding test. Sometimes our members will have info on open coding positions, as it might meet your interest.....networking with your peers can definitely be a plus!!
Continue to stay positive and persistant!! thanks, Connie
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Finding a job after certification

Folks, my first suggestion to you would be to get involved in your local and national organizations. Network, network, network!

Secondly, do your homework. Check out the office/department you are interested in. See how folks dress, talk and behave. Neon hair, jazzy clothes and funky jewelry may be your manner of personal expression, but unless most people in the area are similarly dressed, go for conservative. If you get a chance to interview, turn off your phone/ipod and remove your earpiece. Get rid of the chewing gum and speak clearly using good grammar and stay away from street slang. If you present yourself as serious and willing to learn and be part of the team, an employer may look past your lack of experience and see the passing of the test for the accomplishement it is. If however, a potential employer sees you as someone who will disrupt the runnings of the office or department, they will most likely pass you over.
If you should get hired but maybe not in the exact slot you want, take the advice I heard many years ago: Dress and act like the position you WANT, not necessarily the position you are currently IN.
Good luck
Getting The Experince

Getting The "a" Off The Cpc Is Hard Enough Especially When Theres Someone Within Your Own Charter Is Doing Everything They Can To Stop You . It Would Be Nice To Remind Some Of Our Charter Members That We Are Family....not Everybody Needing Experince Is Out To Take Your Job From You , It's Sharing The Knowledge .....
Getting your foot in the door

It is very difficult to break into the field unless you have medical background experience. I have often talked with coders who have recently completed a coding class and getting ready to set for the exam and encouraged them to take what ever position they can get in an office - prove yourself and move up! I started as a receptionist 25 years ago moved to transcription to billing and then changing jobs over the years developed my skills and worked as a coder before being certified. Let the employer see what you can do and what you know and allow them to gain confidence in you and you will end up just where you want to be doing what you love.
Where are you located?
Looking for X-ternship

Hi, I'm interested in an X-ternship for medical coding . I received my CPC-A approximately 3 years ago. I have kept up with my continuing education but have not worked in the field. I have been an Occupational Therapist for 27 years and have recently decided I would now like to pursue my career as a Medical Coder. I would therefore like to obtain experience in this field and realize an X-ternship would be the best way to proceed. I am a very organized and motivated individual. I would be very appreciative to any office or facility that would give me this opportunity. I live in Ocean County , NJ. If anyone has any information on any opportunities I would appreciate if you could please contact me . My name is Susan Cacioppe, CPC-A,OTR/L. . My email is Thank you.