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Columbia City, OR
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Dx HTN secondary to inadequate fluid intake. I'm not comfortable with 276.51 dehydration as it is not stated. I am unable to find anything that comes close to this statement. I have referenced low, inadequate,depletion,insuffcient, etc. Am I thinking incorrectly to code it at all?

Thanks for your thoughts
actually you might be ok with using the dehydration one. this may just be a misinterpretation of what dehydration actually is. it really is only an insufficient level of water in the body in comparison to levels of salts and electrolytes. the ratio is just as important as the amount of water when determining proper hydration. likewise it is just as possible to have too much water compared to salt, which is called OVER-hydration, and carries many of the same symptoms and can cause the same types of heat injuries (heat cramps, exhaustion, etc.). I think that when most people think of dehydration, they associate it with the headache, nausea, etc. that usually comes with a heat injury, when in fact someone can be dehydrated long before suffering these symptoms. I think if I were you I would use the dehydration code. anybody else have any thoughts?