foot fractures . . .


Winter Springs, FL
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I admit, my foot anatomy is not up to par. So please help ?
Dr gave me codes: 28585, 28465, 28465, and 28470. I don't think this corresponds with the report. Can someone help me?
Oblique incision was made along the lateral border of the foot. The calcaneal cuboid and 4th and 5th tarsometatarsal joints were identified. This was comminution and shortening of the cuboid. We explored the 4th and 5th tarsometatarsal joints. There was noted to be comminution of the articular surface of the cuboid with significnat impaction. Longitudinal traction was applied to the 4th and 5th rays and we used a Freer elevator to elevate the articular fragments. We then placed a Wright Sidekick external fixator. We put 2 pins in the calcaneus and 1 pin in the 5th metatarsal and 1 pin in the 4th metatarsal and then distracted the joint about 6 mm. We then used Bone graft and packed this underneath the articular surface to fill the void. We checked our reduction under fluoroscopy and noted, that overall length of the cuboid was improved. We replaced the cortical fragments laterally to close our defect.