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I am so glad you all added a forum to the website. It is good to be able to network with others whom have the same interest and goals.
Great job! :)
Awesome Idea!

I love the fact that their are forums now. It makes it so much easier to network with other members!

I think the new forums were a great idea!! Makes it a whole lot easier to network with fellow coders. Thanks AAPC!!!:D
My only concern with this forum is that I have noted a few instances where invididuals, their companies or such are doing a bit of "marketing" on here. I have objections to that. The AAPC does not and should not advocate, nor give the illusion that it supports specific businesses (in the industry).

Similar forums allow coders to suggest resources, discuss topics and opinions, but forbid the use of marketing or job-seeking. I would personally recommend that be the case here. Although the AAPC Forum disclaimer mentions that AAPC cannot vouch for the content and recommendations, it should also mention that hocking your business on here or trolling for a job is really meant to be handled elsewhere.

The objectivity of the Academy gets shortchanged by allowing this forum to become a marketplace for those seeking to stir up business. Allow those folks to purchase an ad in the AAPC Coding Edge or elsewhere; frankly, in my mind, they have no place in the content nor purpose of this forum and should be reminded to conduct their business in some other format.

I-- I'm sure many other coders would agree--would prefer to discuss my questions or searches here without the interference of someone basically saying, "I have the answer, but it's going to cost you." In truth, there is quite enough of that in this field already. Preferably, the folks in charge here and other coders will speak up about their own opinions.

Thanks for allowing me to voice my own.
I'm very pleased to see forums on the AAPC website. This is a great opportunity for coders to network. I agree somewhat with Kevin's comment about "marketing/advertising"....perhaps there could be just one thread set up for that...this way, those who feel compelled to "market/advertise" can use the "marketing/advertising" thread, and leave the other threads for those us who wish to only network, ask questions, etc. ;)
Dear Mr. Shields

I have worked hard for this certification and take it very seriously. I am new to the forum, and am pleased to be connected with fellow coders, which i am sure were once beginners that seeked what was out there. I was told that in the coding world, we help one another to achieve a job well done and futher education in the field, not to make new coders feel unwelcomed.
I am looking forward to finding a position to provide a physician, hospital or practice with
great assistance.
You have a great day