fracture FB removal

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I've got a couple different questions:
Staple thru Left hand 2nd digit: Xray (confirmed) 3 views of the second digit post removal of the staple demonstrates a linear low density extending through the head of the middle phalanx thought to represent the tract of the staple no residual metallic density is seen

Question #1: In the book its states "closed" includes the following description linear is listed but it did have a foreign body so does that mean its open

Question #2 Dictation states ~ "staple removed" no incision were made so I would only be able to code this as office visit when i pulled cpt book and looked under 11010 thru 11012 its states "debridement" and that wasnt done and it wouldnt fall under 10120 because no incision was done

Your help would be greatly appreciated thanks Melissa