Friedreich's Ataxia direct medical resource utilization and cost

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Note: The following project was submitted by a non-member. Contact details are located below the project description if you are qualified and interested.

Project Description:
The project shall provide an estimate of the average direct medical resource quantitative use and costs for persons with Friedreich's Ataxia (FA) in the US. A survey among FA patients is planned to capture the quantitative use of dir. med. resources. In order to convert this usage into costs, we require support by a certified coder who
(i) allocates the appropriate tariff list positions to the descriptions of condition and medical(diagnostic/ treatment/ surgery) procedures
(ii) and provides the appropriate averge US cost per tariff position. We would like to have representative total costs, i.e. independent of who pays for it (private insurance, Medicare or patient).
There are about 35 positions to be coded and costed.
The task should be completed by the end of August, latest.
Please provide information about feasibility, hourly rate, approximate total project cost, and description of certified coder who would execute the job.

Contact Information:
Santhera Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland) Ltd.
Barbara Polek
phone: +41 61 906 89 28
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