G0438 ?


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If a doctor uses G0438 for their AHA exam, and a removal eg:17000 can you use the modified 25 on the G0438 or would you use a 51 on the 17000, Thanks.

Also a question I've wondered for a long time.
If a patient comes in for eg: sore throat,,ear inf etc... and than comes back for a "follow up" and doesn't have the "problem" any more what are you suppose to use for a diagnosis? Can you still use the orignal problem or how should it be coded. Thanks
use the 25 mod. As for the follow up visit, use the most appropriate documented dx as possible. There are history of... codes you can use.
history of codes

Here is a neat trick I was taught to use when there isn't a specific personal history code. Let's say pharyngitis. Look up the code for pharyngitis (462). Read the code. The code for personal history pharyngitis becomes (go to history in the alphabetic index) disease of the respiratory system, specified V12.69.