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I need a mentor in our Local Chapter here in Rancho Mirage, CA to be able to assist me with the CPC exam review. Any suggestions, is greatly appreciated.


Cypress, TX
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I just wanted to get recommendations everyone would have to someone who would like to get back into coding full time. 8 years ago, the practice I work in restructured positions and outsourced the billing department, I now work strictly as an Administrative Assistant. I picked up a side job coding between 2014 & 2015 and then had to stop all together. I have kept up my CPC Credentials, but I definitely need to get up to date on ICD-10. What courses would suggest I take to bring myself "up to speed" so that I may seek employment as a coder again? Any suggestions would be of a great help, thank you.


Atlanta, GA
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Hi Kconjon
Welcome back! I love medical coding & abstraction. You may start out with outpatient coding while learning the tips for specific coding like clinic, office and other outpatient codes. Inpatient coding is a bit more challenging. here are some remembering things to help...
Eval mgmnt codes use the CPT guidebook point system for figuring out how to select right CPT in conjunction with medical record format showing the nature of complaint, HPI, ROS, PFSH and if meds refilled or checked along taken by provider. Notice if provider order or reviews lab or x rays. It all adds to selecting the Eva/MGt code and type of risk involved.
Now doing telehealth phone , internet or video calls with Established or New patients. Add proper modifier of 93 or 95 with use Eval mgnt CPT codes or CPT 99440 series for phone calls for MD, NP or PA staff. Medical record must say in providers documentation amount of minutes on it for video or phone calls and verified patient name and DOB
Add most Z codes last on claim unless first listed Z dx code (look in ICD10 manual), if pt is taking insulin or meds for Diabetes add it on claim list Z79.4 or Z79.84. If pt has organ transplant or pacemaker look at blocks of Z89, Z96 dx codes. If pt has DM with other ongoing chronic problems look and add proper dx listing of 6 digits blocks of E11.9 thru E11.6.Add smoking history current of current F10 or Z72 or Z87.89 if pt suffers with cardiac and respiratory problems. There are many types of hypertension codes Dx 110-115 apply per notations and certain underlying illnesses.

CPT 99211 is still nurse or qualified health tech code for Est pt. Not use CPT 99211 for chemotherapy or pt. getting injections. Use dx Z23 with J codes and proper amount of injection given linked to illness
Review modifiers 25 and 59 or XS per certain medical treatments.
Also reading the Healthcare Business Journal (AAPC online trade journal) help you get up to with ongoing current coding.
I hope helped you a bit🙂
Lady T


North Augusta , SC
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kconjon, Hello! I would just recommend connecting with your local chapter and others that offer Zoom calls ! If you can search and find a CPC Exam review class! This will be a great way to get a good coding overview and you get ceus at the same time! Maybe look for a mentor in the Mentor city that aapc has. Best Wishes!​