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Has anyone heard of this for diabetic ulcers? I have a wound NP wanting to use it, but I have never heard of it. Just wondering if anyone is billing for it and what CPT codes they are using?
Peggy Miller, CPC, CANPC
It looks like you would use an unlisted procedure for the primary CPT and then the graft jacket is add on code 15777.
I would use the 15271-15278 for the wound prep depending on the wound size and location, then the graft itself is coded as either Q4107 Graft jacket or Q4113 Graftjacket Xpress. Your local rep should be able to provide you with additional coding advice.
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I would suggest looking at the payor policy. the new 1572X section would be most appropriate for the application. most payors do not allow for separate coding of the debridement. as indicated in a previous posting, depending upon the product there are HCPCS codes available.