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Hello all!!!
Op note reads:

Pre/Post DX: finger flexor synovial infection with foreign body

Patient suffered pendtrating injury to finger a month ago (cultures show no infection)

Procedure: Finger Flexor synovectomy with foreign body removal

A V-shaped incision was made in the 5th finger, skin flap elevated. Dissection carried through skin and subcutaneous tissue. There was a 7/8 inch long wooden splinter penetrating into the flexor sheath with infection and inflammation of the flexor synovium. A radical flexor synovectomy was carried out in the digit, extending into the palm. Tissue was sent for aerobic and anaerobic culture. The wooden splinter was given to the patient.

Do I bill both 20520 and 26145? and what dx to use for 26145???

The removal of the infected synovium was due to the foreign body, wouldn't that be inclusive to the foreign body removal? :confused:
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