Has anyone used Modifier GD?


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Has anyone used Modifier GD? GD-Units of service exceeds MUE value and represents reasonable & necessary services.

I have issues with MUE's for Lab/Path codes and the trial and error process when MUE's are unlisted on certain codes is affecting our revenue cycle. Being new to Path/Lab, I ran across the GD modifier. If you've tried it, please share your experience.

Also, I want to be sure our documentation/report substanciates the units billed. Advice on this is much appreciated as I'm not sure the 'standard' pre-set verbiage is accurate enough. Do the specific stains have to be listed next to each specimen result or can the phrase ie; 'Additional Stains': Alcian Blue Stain', be at the bottom of the report? Currently the 'Additional Stain(s)' names are there but, it doesn't reflect the same stain was done 8 times because there were 8 specimens or even 4 times on four of 8 specimens. Is this appropriate?