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HCC Quality Reviewer - Aviacode is looking for a handful of experienced HCC Quality Reviewers for a remote HCC coding position. To apply see below.

Reports to: Coding Supervisor/Manager
Employment Status: Remote Contracted (1099) Position
Position: Contract Position (1099)
Pay: $20 - $25/hour based on experience
Hours: Minimum of 15 hours a week, may work more
Start Date: October 2016
End Date: Depends on when CMS decides, usually goes to Jan/Feb, sometimes March

•Reviewing HCC charts completed by our coders.
•Providing high quality HCC coding across multiple clients.
•HCC coding for Medicare Advantage and/or Commercial Payers
•This is a 15-40+ hour week position.

•CPC or equivalent through the AAPC or AHIMA
•CRC preferred, but not required
•Must have at least 2 years of active HCC Quality Review experience.
•Must have at least 3 years of active HCC coding experience.
•Must have proof of passing an ICD-10 Proficiency or Readiness Assessment through the AAPC or AHIMA
•Must pass background check and drug screening. Please do not apply if you won’t be able to pass the background check or drug screening.
•Must pass our HCC coding test
•Signed contract with Aviacode
•Must reside on U.S. Soil

•This is a CONTRACT position for HCC work (Medicare and Commercial)
•Must complete a certain number of Quality Reviews per pay period (varies per project).
•May be asked to start out as a HCC coder to confirm your accuracy.
•Must maintain a 95% accuracy rate.
•Must maintain a 95% completeness rate.
•Mandatory interactive, live-online training required.
•Must take a HIPAA and Compliance test for the client (paid)
•You will be paid twice a month on the 10th and 25th. The pay periods go from 1-15 and 16-31.
•This is a remote contract (1099 position).
•Must have a Windows Based Operating System (MAC is not compatible).

•PC running Windows
•Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 Operating System
•Minimum CPU = 2.3 Gig processor or better
•Minimum RAM (memory): 2 Gig RAM
•Minimum Storage (hard drive): 1 Gig free space minimum to install Citrix and the portal software. We recommend 120 Gig of storage.
•Internet explorer (IE) version 8, 9, 10, 11, or Chrome (any version)
•Internet Connection must have DSL or high speed cable
•Dual Monitors are required

If you are interested in this position please send your answers to the following questions to jennifer.schmutz@aviacode.com using the subject header: HCC Auditor 2016 - YOUR NAME. Do not send a resume at this time. Do not reply to this post.
1.What is your full legal name?
2.What is your EMAIL address?
3.What is your phone number?
4.Will you be available to start?
5.How many years experience do you have with ACTIVE HCC Quality Reviews?
6.How many years experience do you have with ACTIVE HCC coding?
7.What is the MINIMUM number of hours that you can commit and guarantee to this project each week (you will be held to this)?
8.Do you have a current contract with Aviacode?
a.If yes, who is your coding manager?
9.Please provide your coding credentials:
a.What are your credentials (CPC, CRC, etc)?
b.Member ID:
c.Last Name that your member ID is listed under:
e.Expiration Date?
10.Have you taken the ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment through the AAPC, or the ICD-10 Readiness Assessment through AHIMA?
11.The name of the person that you referred you to Aviacode?
12.Do you meet ALL the qualifications listed above?
13.Do you reside in the United States?

**If you do not meet ALL the requirements listed above, or have the required 2 years of experience as a HCC Quality Reviewer then you can apply for a HCC coding position here: https://aviacode.catsone.com/careers/index.php?m=portal&a=details&jobOrderID=7492270

About Aviacode:
Aviacode is a premier provider of technology-enabled medical coding and auditing services. Our proprietary software and dynamic workflow improves the accuracy and efficiency of medical coding. Healthcare providers who use our accurate and compliant coding services experience optimized reimbursements and fewer denials.
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