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If an ARNP who works in an office with the provider who is going to perform a procedure and the ARNP see the patient for an E/M and bills under her number does she still have to append Modifier 25 to her visit or is this only if she bills "incident to" the provider?

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Nothing to do with incident to

If I understand the scenario correctly, this service has nothing to do with "incident to."

You state that the provider who is going to perform a procedure . This indicates to me that the reason for the visit is the procedure. The reimbursement for the procedure includes the pre- and post-operative evaluation/management necessary for that procedure. So it cannot be billed whether performed by the physician him/herself or by the PA or NP working in that same office.

For example, patient scheduled for colonoscopy. NP does the pre-procedural E/M before gastroenterologist performs procedure. NO separately billable E/M.

On the other hand. Patient scheduled for lesion removal on right forearm. However, patient arrives with complaint of rash on chest. NP evaluates and treats for rash. This is a significant and completely separately identifiable E/M performed on the same day as the procedure. You would code the E/M (under the NPs name/number) with a -25 modifier.

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC