Question Help CPT, Ultrasound-guided right tibial nerve hydrodissection


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please help I am stumped finding a code for this or comparison code for unlisted. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

right medial ankle just proximal to the tarsal tunnel was examined with a 18-4 MHz linear array transducer in the transverse plane to localize the posterior tibial nerve and posterior tibial vessels with use of 2D color Doppler imaging. A posterior-to-anterior approach was determined to be most appropriate. Thereafter, the area was marked with a surgical marker. The right medial ankle was then prepped with ChloraPrep One-Step Scrub x2, then draped in a sterile manner.
Following this, a 25-gauge, 2-inch needle was advanced from a posterior-to-anterior approach to the posterior tibial nerve, with care to avoid the posterior tibial artery and vein. Additionally, color Doppler was turned on to avoid the vasculature. Thereafter, 6 mL a mixture of a 12 mL solution containing 3 mL of 1% Lidocaine, 7 mL of 0.9% preservative-free normal saline and 2 mL of Celestone (6 mg/mL), was injected around the posterior tibial nerve, hydrodissecting the nerve from the surrounding tissues without complication. The transducer was then placed long axis to the posterior tibial nerve, where the remaining 6 mL of the solution was injected hydrodissecting the nerve.

I have 64450 (Injection of anesthetic agent, other peripheral nerve or branch )RT, 64999-59 unlisted (don't know which code to use for comparison), 76942 (US guidance), J0702 (Injection, betamethasone acetate 3 mg and betamethasone sodium phosphate) 3 mg x 2 units