HELP! ENT Consultation Billing


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I recently joined an ENT practice and am looking for experienced consult billers who might have ideas that can help us improve our current system. Currently, we have two coders assigned to 5 physicians each who consult at area hospitals. The process currently in place is that the coder looks to see who the first doctor was that consulted on the patient. If that coder is assigned to that doc, then that coder is responsible for checking the daily records for the patient's hospital stay and coding for all subsequent physicians even though they may be assigned to the other coder (confusing because the reason for assigning coders to respective physicians was for continuity purposes). If not, the other coder picks up the patient and the same process ensues.

A suggestion is to eliminate the searching and just have the respective physician's coder take responsibility for entering appropriate all charges for hospital consults. Each coder takes care of only their own docs. Is there a downside to this? What about global periods? Any ideas would be welcomed.