Help! I'm stuck!


Battle Creek, NE
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I could use any suggestions, I am stuck on this op note:

Dx: mutilating injury, left hand
Title: Debridement,full thichkness skin graft to ring finger, shortening and primary closure long finger.

The hand was debrided. He tolerated this well. I then shortened the bone in the ring finger to aloow for soft tissue coverage. I de-fatted the tip of one of the fingertips which was remaining and used it as a full-thickness graft. I pie crusted it before placing it in postion with a tie-over dressing. At the other finger, there was a long volar flap and I was able to bring this up to the remaining nail plate and suture it here with 4-0 vicryl. The position of both fingers looked excellent. I then dressed them and put a 4-polster splint in place.

So far I have come up with 11012 and 26567 but not sure where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated!