Help w/Open Hip Reduction


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My doc attempted a closed treatment of POST HIP ARTHROPLASTY dislocation, with general anesthesia (27266) but was unsucessful. He had to do a OPEN treatment of a POST HIP ARTHROPLASTY DISLOCATION with anesthesia... What code do I use?

He did clean the debride from the acetabulum and did a hip abduction because patient had a uneven leg length with a Hip traction/pully all under anesthesia in the operating room...Patient has had 20 dislocations in the past...

27259 includes replacment of femoral head which he did not do.. With modifier 52?
27257 is Closed reduction not Open..
27253 Open but this is not w/Arthroplasty..

I do not see any POST HIP ARTHROPLASTY OPEN TREATMENT??? Only the CLOSED (27266) :confused:

Thank you....