Help with abductor repair code


North Andover, MA
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HI everyone

Need help again, we are billing for bursectomy 27062 but Dr. also states
he did abductor repair. He is the op-note.

Starting distally, the bursa margin was identified inferiorly and posteriorly. This was disected off the posterior inferior aspect of the femur and slowly elevated up as a flap. doing the poster portion up around the tip of the trochanter and then proceeding anteriorly. In the process of removing anterior there was noted to be a significant defect within the anterior attachment of the gluteus medius and there was a section of bone which showed chronic irritation in this region. Once this flap was able to be elevated up, we could actually see directly down through the capsule and into the joint proper.

The remaining portion of the bursa was resected. The bony margin where the capsule and abductor had previously been attached was roughened until bleeding bone was obtained. Two 6.5 spiral lock metal suture anchors were placed. Roughly 1.4 cm apart. These have forearms, which were brought up and throught the abductor capsular interval and with the leg in internal rotation and flexion were sewn down to the bleeding bone.

Could not find any code that fit maybe unlisted?? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Cathy