Help with coding hand graft (de-gloving)


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Please help. I have an operative report and need some help deciphering between the graft codes. Unfortunately, I cannot upload a copy of the report as the file is too large. if anyone can offer me some assistance, I can email or fax a copy of it to you.

This pt presented to the ER for treatment a degloving injury. The orthopedic surgeon consulted in the ER and did a debridement and admitted him for IV antibiotics and recommended a full thickness graft be performed the next day.

He wants to bill his consult code and the debridement code of 11043 for the 5th of May. On the 6th, he performed the operation. He wants to bill 15240 X2 and 15002. Are these the correct codes for the graft?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!